REVIEW + AWARD: Monobirds LP, Best of 2021 | soundohm

Soundohm has chosen Monobirds: From Ahmedabad to Xenon as one of the best releases of 2021. A nice review is attached: “Stunning and creatively rigorous, allowing us to encounter an artist who was decades ahead of his time in our present – one of many possible futures the work itself imagines – Tudor’s Monobirds takes huge leaps toward dramatically expanding our understanding of one of the 20th Century’s most important, visionary creators. Issued by Topos as a double LP, complete with a 24-page large booklet offering an essay by You Nakai – When David Tudor Went Disco – an in-depth study of Tudor’s performance at Xenon and its relation to the sounds on the LP, this is Tudor at the height of his powers, and one of the most historically important records of the year. Highly recommended and not to be missed.”

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