REVIEW: Jozef Cseres | HIS VOICE

“You Nakai is a performer, writer, and musicologist whose interests in all areas include intermedial overlaps and the processual and ephemeral aspects of artistic communication, with an emphasis on the American music and dance avant-garde. He has taught and researched at the University of Tokyo, Kyoto State University, and New York University, where he teaches courses such as “other musics,” “history of fake Western music,” “archi-choreography,” “archaeology of influence,” and “experimental sounds for pets.” The mere offering of these competencies reveals that David Tudor’s interdisciplinary and processual art has found itself in the reflective crosshairs of a vocational performer. And indeed, Nakai’s monograph, at 753 pages (!), is a superlative scholarly achievement. […] Indeed, it is remarkable that Nakai has managed this alone, since the scale and nature of Tudor’s colossal oeuvre rather calls for a team-based interdisciplinary approach.” (Original in Czech)

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